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Corporate Philosophy (Established April 1997)

“Zeon is contributing to the preservation of the Earth and the prosperity of the human race.”

In keeping with its name, which derives from the Greek words “geo” (the Earth) and “eon” (eternity), Zeon will contribute to the sustainable development of people, society and the global environment through innovative world-class technologies.

Zeon CSR Policy (Established April 2010)

Zeon established its CSR policies as basic ways of thinking about CSR for the Zeon Group in April 2010.

  1. We will ensure compliance and meet society's needs for safety and security
  2. We will contribute to sustainably developing society and protecting the global environment through our corporate activities
  3. We will ensure that each and every Zeon person is aware of CSR and acts accordingly
Each policy is further defined as follows.

First principle
  • We will comply with laws and regulations, firmly uphold the values and ethics required of a corporate member of society, and cause no distress to society
  • We will undertake enterprise-wide environment and safety initiatives to prevent accidents and provide a sense of security to our employees as well as our local communities
  • We will thoroughly address quality and product liability issues to avoid impairing the safety and security of society.
Second principle
  • We will contribute to the realization of sustainable development and protect the global environment through our core business.
  • We will encourage proactive action across the world, refine innovative technology, and continually create new products.
  • As an indispensable and valuable corporate citizen, we will enhance our corporate value and meet the expectations of society.
Third principle
  • We will establish Corporate Governance with CSR management as a pillar
  • All employees will act with thorough awareness of CSR and meet the public's expectations.
  • All employees will fulfill ZEON's CSR with enthusiasm
  • We will pursue environmental preservation as well as safety and quality assurance through the participation of every individual and in every corporate activity.

CSR Code of Conduct (Established January 2018)

In our CSR Code of Conduct we proactively set out how we will act from the viewpoint of meeting the expectations of society.

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