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Zeon’s Basic Policies on Social Contributions

We believe that traditionally, social contributions are essentially carried out through core businesses. As long as a company is a member of society, the complex set of issues society is facing and corporate activities are not independent of one another. Zeon is embarking on social contribution activities outside the realm of its core businesses to have a broader perspective for engaging with society.
In 2012, we launched CSR Core Projects, which are initiatives we selected from proposals submitted by group companies. The CSR Core Projects are activities that focus on social contributions outside the scope of core business operations and provide employees with an opportunity to turn their attention toward social issues.
We have planned various activities related to supporting reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake and projects mutually implemented by different offices and group companies. There are also social contribution activities that, to date, have been performed independently by each office and group company. We are developing activities in these three categories while also focusing on synergistic benefits.

Targets and Results

Specific Efforts and Targets FY2015 Results Evaluation FY2016 Goals
Raise employee social contribution awareness (includes CSR training)
Upgrade and enhance CSR promotion system
Introduce volunteer activities and promote and support participation
CSR briefings held at each office and domestic group companies
Number of employees that participated in restoration volunteer tours 6 times and 34 employees
★★☆ Continue to hold CSR briefings
Continue to support restoration volunteer work
Materialize and implement CSR activities being promoted by the entire Zeon Group
Materialize and implement CSR activities being promoted by all worksites
Implement CSR activities unique to individual worksites
Implemented CSR core projects in each region ★☆☆ Continue to implement CSR core projects

Furukawa Scholarship

The Furukawa Memorial Foundation is an incorporated foundation with a 50-year history of granting scholarships to Japanese and foreign students experiencing financial hardships to encourage them to continue their education. Our company has maintained involvement to assist the foundation in their activities. To date, the foundation has awarded scholarships to a total of 3,067 people.

Home > CSR > Relationship with Society > Basic Policy and Activities
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