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Basic Policies

We believe that traditionally, social contributions are essentially carried out through core businesses. As long as a company is a member of society, the complex set of issues society is facing and corporate activities are not independent of one another. Zeon is embarking on social contribution activities outside the realm of its core businesses to have a broader perspective for engaging with society.
In 2012, we launched CSR Core Projects, which are initiatives we selected from proposals submitted by group companies. The CSR Core Projects are activities that focus on social contributions outside the scope of core business operations and provide employees with an opportunity to turn their attention toward social issues.
The head office has planned various activities related to supporting reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake and projects mutually implemented by different offices and group companies. Further, there are social contribution activities that are performed independently by each office and group company. We are developing activities in three categories while also focusing on synergistic benefits.

Detailed activities

ProjectsDetailed activitiesFY2016 Targets
Great East Japan Earthquake restoration
  Restoration volunteer tours Launched October 2012
Implemented 45 times as of March 2016 (total of 297 participants)
Disaster restoration assistance (Minamisanriku, Rikuzentakata), agricultural aid (Iwaki),
Fishing aid (Kesennuma), etc.
Ongoing initiative
(Frequency goal: 1-2 times per month)
Eat and root for restoration! Campaign Support restoration of industries by actively using food products grown in disaster-stricken areas
Offering a menu of Tohoku-grown foods at the employee cafeteria and Z Plaza (employee lounge)
Ongoing initiative
Participating in the building of a forest embankment to protect lives* Planted Heisei-no-mori in Otsuchi Town (Sponsored by: Yokohama Rubber/Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture)
Sponsor and participant since FY2013
The tree-planting was concluded in FY2015. Our ties with Otsuchi Town continue through activities including post-planting maintenance.
Mutual projects
  Chemistry classroom Summer vacation events, classes where local residents do experiments while touring our offices
Head office: Summer holiday children's chemical experiment show (participating from FY2013)
Tokuyama Plant: Experiment class during industrial tourism tour for parents and their children
Zeon Chemicals Yonezawa: Experiment classroom at “Youth science festival in Yamagata”
Development of chemistry classroom (increase in classroom held at offices)
Expand the number of experiments conducted
(Newly create an experiment package)
Ecocap recycling
(Collecting used plastic caps)
Began count at all group companies from FY2012 Ongoing initiative
Green purchasing of office supplies Purchasing office supplies with minimal environmental impact (notebooks, book-binding tape, folders, etc.) Of the 44 items stipulated under the Green Purchasing Law, we switched to 22 items (50%) Ongoing initiative
Independent projects
  Select topics for each promotional committee Engaging with the local community

Participation in local events: Sponsor and cooperate in various events
Clean-up activities
Educational support: Internships, dispatch lecturers to schools, etc.

Ongoing initiative

* Building forest embankments to protect lives
These activities are being carried out to create a forest that will act as an embankment protecting local residents against tsunamis. This consists of piecing together debris from the disaster and soil to build an elevated area along the coastline, which was damaged during the tsunamis triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Various trees native to the area are being planted on the elevated ground to create a multilayer forest.


Introduces examples of activities that are part of the CSR Core Project.
Various examples of support for the restoration from Great East Japan Earthquake can be found on the Response to Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster. Other activities targeting local communities can be found on the Site Reports.

Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction volunteering

  • Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction volunteering

We continue to send employees to areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake by looking for employees to sign up for a regular restoration volunteer tour. The company covers the entire cost to actively promote employee participation. We turn “support” into “encouragement,” and “encouragement” into “exchange.” Given the risk that the memory of the devastation will be forgotten, we believe that it is now even more important to continue to undertake these activities.
(Picture: In September 2015, we participated in earthquake reconstruction volunteering in Rikuzentakata-shi, Miyagi Prefecture)

Cooperating in Tree Planting in Disaster-Stricken Areas

  • Cooperating in tree planting in disaster-stricken areas

From 2012, the town of Otsuchi Town (Iwate Prefecture) and Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. held a tree planting campaign, Heisei-no-mori, in Otsuchi Town as a model case to create a forest embankment to protect the lives of the local community. Zeon has cooperated with this tree planting campaign since 2013. We completed the fourth tree planting campaign in 2015, and continue to participate through maintenance of the tree planting site and tree planting education for local elementary school children via extracurricular lessons.
(Picture: April 2016, extracurricular tree planting lessons)

Chemistry Classroom

  • Chemistry Classroom

Based on our motto of “nurturing future Nobel Prize winners in chemistry,” we are conducting chemistry experiment classrooms in various regions to teach children that chemistry is fun.
(Picture: We held an exhibition and workshop called “Make a car and run it! Which tire will run the best?” at the “Dream Chemistry 21 Summer Holiday Children's Chemical Experiment Show 2016.“)

Educational Support

  • Educational Support

Our offices and group companies implement exchanges with and offer assistance to various educational institutions. Zeon offers internships for high school, vocational high school, and university students and actively give tours of our plants to school children. We also provide support to schools, such as dispatching part-time lecturers.
(Picture: Acceptance of interns and on-site practical training at the Mizushima Plant)


  • Events

Zeon places great importance on connections with local communities. Zeon offices and group companies hold various events, including summer festivals and actively participate in numerous local events.
(Picture: The Tokuyama Plant sponsors the Zeon Waraku Odori Dance Festival, which is a regular summer event that was first held in 1974. Every year, more than 2,000 people participate in the festivities.)

Clean-up Activities

  • Clean-up Activities

With the goal of implementing activities that are helpful and which will make local residents happy, our offices and group companies are embarking on clean-up activities in local communities, not only in areas around our offices and plants.
(Picture: Optes and TFC employees who participated in the “Kehi no Matsubara Clean-up Fukui Major Strategy” held by Tsuruga-shi, Fukui Prefecture)

Activities with the Local Community

慈善団体(Kosair Charities)への寄付

We are carrying out activities with local communities in various regions.

The US company Zeon Chemicals L.P. has conducted volunteer and contribution activities for many years.
(Picture: Employees contributed $16,000 as well as toys and books to Kosair Charities, who help underprivileged children in Kentucky and South Indiana)

The Thai companies Zeon Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd. and Zeon Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. have conducting clean-up volunteering and contribution activities for many years.
(Picture: Contribution to schools (contributions are made to nearby temples, hospitals and education facilities))

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