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Basic Approach

We plan various activities related to supporting reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake and shared projects that are conducted across multiple plants and subsidiaries. Furthermore, plants and subsidiaries also conduct their own independent projects. We are developing activities in these three broad categories with a focus on their synergistic benefits.

Targets and Results

Enterprise Blueprint for 2020
To meet the expectations of society
Details of current activities and results
(△: Ongoing, ■: Completed)
Future initiatives and targets
Community involvement, education, and culture
Zeon's social contributions are understood, receive recognition, and are supported
△Develop CSR Core Projects (social contribution activities by Group as a whole, among locations, and at individual worksites) Develop the CSR Core Projects based on a defined Zeon Group activity policy
Community involvement
An organization for promoting volunteer activities among employees including retirees is established and employees actively volunteer in various ways
△Upgrade and enhance the system for promoting volunteer activities (establish a system for taking leave to volunteer)
△Introduce volunteer activities and promote and support participation in them (volunteering to support reconstruction from earthquakes, etc.)

FY 2016 Results
Number of employees participating in volunteer tours 68 (cumulative total of 365 employees)
Raise employee awareness for social contributions
Conduct CSR education including CSR informational sessions
Establish a social contribution policy for the entire Zeon Group (e.g., on water)
Create a system to support volunteering (volunteer registration system, etc.)
Create opportunities for social contributions from exchanges with local councils of social welfare, non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations
Community involvement
Guidelines for coexisting with local communities have been created and are used, and good relations have been built with local communities
△Donations and charity activities (Furukawa Scholarship, expenses for community promotions, Red Cross, etc.)
△Maintain good community relations and have community exchanges
Sponsor and participate in community festivals and events including summer festivals at plants
Community cleanup activities
Plant tours (receive plant visitors, internships)
Maintain and expand exchanges with local communities
Support the reconstruction of the Tohoku region
Establish and implement ongoing ways to support the reconstruction from the destructive earthquake
Actively participate in community activities
Revitalize social contribution activities through local social welfare councils
Create standards for supporting disaster recovery

CSR Report 2017

The CSR Report provides more detailed information on FY 2016 initiatives.

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