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ZEONEX® and ZEONOR® are innovative plastics (Cyclo Olefin Polymers) exclusively developed by ZEON CORPORATION. ZEONEX® is primarily used for optical parts while ZEONOR® is used as a general-purpose transparent engineering plastic.


ZEONEX® has earned high marks for low moisture absorption, good transparency and high precision molding. ZEONEX® can be utilized in many applications. It is also applied to medical applications that take advantage of its high purity property, as well as to electric insulating components that require low dielectric constant and dielectric tangent.

Grade Applications Characteristics
480 Lab test equipment, Blood test cells High transparency, Low adsorption, Chemical resistance, Low auto-fluorescence
480R Optical components
( Camera Lenses, Aspherical Lenses, Prisms, Mirrors, F-Theta Lenses, Pick-up Lenses )
High transparency, Low water absorption, Low birefringence, High heat resistance, Superior moldability
RS420 Antennas, connectors Antennae, connectors

Main characteristics

(1)Low water absorption >> Extremely low water absorption (Less than 0.01% per 24 hours) allows for excellent dimensional stability even under high humidity conditions.
(2)High transparency >> 92% in visible range 400-800nm.
(3)Low specific gravity >> Specific gravity of 0.95-1.02, lighter than other conventional plastics.
(4)High heat resistance >> Designed for optics requiring high heat resistance (Tg =123 - 156°C) and very low focal length change after heat and humidity exposure.
(5)Low dielectric constant
and low dielectric tangent >>
Lower dielectric constant and lower loss tangent than PC and PC/ABS.
(6)High purity >> Extremely pure. Residual metals content is less than 0.02ppm.
(7)Precise optical properties >> Stability in refractive index, most suitable for optical components.

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Optical lenses and Optical Components

ZEONEX® can be utilized in many optical applications due to its low moisture absorption. Good transparency and high precision molding.

Antenna and Dielectric applications

ZEONEX® is ultra-low dielectric loss tangent resins that combine superior dielectic properties with the ease and cost-effectiveness of being injection moldable.

Medical packaging and Bio-Diagnostic applications

ZEONEX® allows for advanced, break-resistant packaging in Medical/Pharmaceutical industry.
Additionally ZEONEX® can be used as lenses and optical windows used in optical-based medical detection devices.

PL(Product Liability) Notes

  1. Please observe the following precautions for the storage and use of the product and items molded from the product.
    (1) Keep away from fire, since ZEONEX® is combustible.
    (2) Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high-energy light, which can make ZEONEX® discoloration.
    (3) Do not use or expose to temperatures over heat distortion temperature, since ZEONEX® may discolor, deform, or melt.
    (4) Avoid exposure to high temperature for a long time, which can distort ZEONEX®.
    (5) Do not use under high heat temperature and near heat source, ZEONEX® may emit smoke or ignite.
    (6) Do not use near high-energy light source, ZEONEX® may emit smoke or ignite due to heat generation by light absorption.
    (7) Improper molding conditions or use with a poorly designed mold may induce solvent cracking through residual stress.
    (8) Do not use for parts that are subject to continuing load (snap fit insert molded products, screw stops, etc.), the material may crack.
    (9) Do not expose to the following solvents and liquids which may cause ZEONEX® to liquefy or swell.
     ・Aromatic solvents such as benzene, toluene, etc.
     ・Chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, including dichloromethane, carbon tetrachloride, etc.
     ・Animai、Vegetable and mineral oils and greases.
     ・Hydrocarbon solvents such as n-Hexane, cyclohexane and ligroin, etc.
     ・Ethers such as diethylether, etc.
     ・Ketones such as cyclohexane, etc.
     ・Prior to use test other materials and liquids containing long-chain alkyl groups in
       their structure.
    (10) Test ZEONEX® under the harshest conditions to be encountered to determine the safety and suitability of the materials prior to use.

  2. Contact ZEON CORPORATION before utilizing ZEONEX® in medical care products, foods or toys.
  3. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for specific details.

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