Cyclo-olefin Polymer (COP)

ZEONEX® and ZEONOR® are innovative plastics (cyclo-olefin polymers) exclusively developed by ZEON CORPORATION. ZEONEX® is primarily used for optical parts while ZEONOR® is used as a general-purpose transparent engineering plastic.


ZEONEX® has earned high marks for low moisture absorption, good transparency and high precision molding. ZEONEX® can be utilized in many applications It is also applied to medical applications that take advantage of its high purity property, as well as to electric insulating components that require low dielectric constant and dielectric tangent.

Main Characteristics Grade list Applications
Grade Applications Characteristics
480 Lab test equipment, Blood test cells High transparency, Low adsorption, Chemical resistance, Low auto-fluorescence
480R Optical components
( Camera Lenses, Aspherical Lenses, Prisms, Mirrors, F-Theta Lenses, Pick-up Lenses )
High transparency, Low water absorption, Low birefringence, High heat resistance, Superior moldability
RS420 Antennas, connectors Antennae, connectors


ZEONOR®, is used in such products as light guide plates and automotive parts, utilizing properties such as high transparency, transferring, and high heat resistance.。

Main Characteristics Grade list Applications
Grade Applications Characteristics
1020R Silicon wafer transport and storage (FOSB/FOUP), Flexible packaging for medical and pharmaceutical applications High transparency, High purity, Ultra-low amount of out-gassing, Break resistance, Excellent moisture barrier, Chemical resistance, Low adsorption.
1060R Light guide plates, Microfluidic High transparency, High fluidity, Excellent transcription, Low auto-fluorescence