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CAS No.: 120-92-3
TSCA: Listed
EINECS: 2044359

Main properties

  Cyclopentanone Reference value
Methylen chloride
Boiling point [°C] 131 40
Solidification point [°C] -58 -95
Specific gravity (25°C) 0.95 1.33
Steam specific gravity 2.3 -
Coefficient of kinetic viscosity
(25°C) [cSt]
1.13 -
Surface tension (25°C) [dyn/cm] 33.4 28.1 (20°C)
Specific heat (25°C) 0.44 0.28 (20°C)
Latent heat of vaporization
(boiling point) [cal/g]
96.3 78.7
SP value 10.4 9.7
KB value 136
  • KB value: measured in accordance with ASTMD 1133a, using Kauri resin (natural).
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Safety data

Flash point Auto-ignition point Lower limit of explosion Upper limit of explosion
35°C(closed cup) 454°C 1.4% 8.4%

Acute toxicity Irritation Mutagenicity

LD50 Rabbit > 5000mg/kg
Intraperitoneal Mouse LD50 1950mg/kg
Sub cutaneous Frog LDL0 3000mg/kg

Mild Irritation on skin Rabbit
Severe Irritation in eyes Rabbit

Not established
LC50 fish 2950mg/L(48h), mijinko EC50 1800mg/L(24H)

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Effects on materials

Test method: measuring rate of change in mass after 5-hour immersion at 50°C(test piece 2×25×50 mm)

(1) Effects on plastic materials
Plastic materials Rate of change in mass (wt%)
Polypropylene (PP) 0.70
Polyethylene (PE) 0.53
Polyacetal (POM) 0.45
Phenolic resin 0.55
Nylon 66 -0.18
Tetrafluoroethlene 0.01
Teflon resin (PFA) 0.01
Perfluoro 0.196
Epoxy resin (glass fiber reinforcement) 1.84
Rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ---
Flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ---
Polystyrene (PS) ---
Polycarbonate (PC) ---
Urethane resin ---
Acrylic resin ---
ABS resin ---

(2) Effects on rubber materials
Rubber materials Rate of change in mass (wt%)
Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) 83
Nitril butadiene rubber (NBR) 100 <
Butadiene rubber (BR) 100 <
Chloroprene rubber (CR) 84
Silicone rubber (Si) 32
Fluoro rubber (Kalrez) 0.08
  • Note: before the actual cleaning, it should be confirmed by a test.
    Data represents experimental results and does not guarantee specific performance levels under actual usage.
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