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November 5, 2008

ZEON CORPORATION has developed a new oxygen absorbable resin, which can be blended with various polymers. The resin can give oxygen barrier materials or oxygen absorbable materials.
An oxygen barrier material "Quintier EV series" was developed by combination of the oxygen absorbable resin with EVOH, which has almost the same oxygen barrier ability as aluminum foil.

Features and benefits of "Quintier EV series"
(1)Very low oxygen transmittance (OTR : less than 0.1cc/m2)
(2)Keeping high oxygen barrier even under high humidity
(3)Similar processability & mechanical properties to EVOH
(4)Giving transparent film
(5)Applicable to flexible films, thermoformed containers and bottles
 ・Product shelf life can be extended.
 ・Fresh taste of food can be kept.
 ・Metal / metalized packaging can be replaced.

Quintier EV series
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