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The Quintone 100 series of petroleum resins are produced mainly from high-purity 1,3-pentadiene extracted from C5 fractions. These products demonstrate outstanding characteristics in a wide range of applications, including pressure-sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives, and traffic paints.

Grade Characteristics and applications Type Designed values
Softening point
(G. No.)
Acid value
(mg KOH/g)
Quintone B170 Specialty grade suitable for pressure-sensitive adhesives that require excellent low temperature properties. Aliphatic
70.0 2.5
Quintone M100 Standard grades suitable for SIS-based pressure-sensitive adhesives. 95.0 3.0
Quintone R100 96.0 2.5
Quintone A100 General-purpose grade suitable for natural rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesives. 100.0 2.5
Quintone RX110 Light-colored, heat-resistant grade suitable for olefin-based adhesives. 110.0 1.5
Quintone N180 Excellent tackiness and low temperature properties, and especially suitable for SIS-based hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives. Aliphatic/
80.0 2.5
Quintone U185 Grades that provide unique performance due to their excellent compatibility with SBR and EVA, and suitable for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and hot-melt adhesives. 86.0 2.5
Quintone D100 99.0 2.5
Quintone S195 Especially suitable for SIS-based hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives. 94.0 1.5
Quintone DX395 Suitable for light-colored hot-melt adhesives. 94.0 0.8
Quintone DX390N 93.0 0.8
Quintone G100B Suitable for rubber modifiers and EVA-based adhesives. 100.0 4.5
Quintone G115 Highly cohesive grade suitable for rubber-based adhesives. 115.0 4.5
Quintone CX495 Light-colored grade with especially high fluidity suitable for white traffic paint. Aliphatic
96.0 0.9 1.8
Quintone C200H General-use grades characterized by excellent fluidity, thermal stability, and color, and suitable for traffic paints. 101.0 2.5 1.7
Quintone C210 110.0 2.5 1.7
Quintone D295 Suitable for EVA-based hot-melt adhesives. Aliphatic/
Aromatic groups
94.0 4.5 8.0
Quintone E200SN Excellent adhesive property and suitable for rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesives. 102.0 3.0 1.6
Quintone D200 Grade with unique physical properties suitable for diverse applications. 102.0 4.5 17.0
Measurement method Ring and ball
Titration method
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